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Committed to providing intelligent and informatized solutions for industrial production, mainly for smart factories, Intelligent production, intelligent logistics, focusing on the research of intelligent production systems and processes, And the realization of networked distributed production facilities, and focus on solving customer problems. The core is the physical information system, through powerful computer systems and field equipment, People and data are connected to implement transparent management of the entire manufacturing process, In this way, the production system can play its maximum potential, allowing more flexible manufacturing capabilities in the industrial age. The Industry 4.0 model can help companies quickly connect to the market and meet small-volume and diversified needs. And to enable the factory to provide customized services to customers.

Industry 4.0 creates a brand-new production model, which can be customized according to the market and quickly respond to user needs. Even if there is a problem, the solution can be improved immediately, without causing a large number of problematic products to circulate in the market. At the same time, factory users will add sensors to detect all aspects of the product, and continuously optimize the product based on data analysis. In order to make information more transparent and readily available, so that decision-making is closer to reality. At the same time, these technologies can create new businesses, Provide customers with clear services, such as knowing when the equipment is damaged, maintenance and replacement parts in advance, etc.

It provides a platform for the development of enterprises, through which enterprises can establish their own development strategies. Industry 4.0 provides companies with the skills needed to achieve economic growth, including providing services such as Internet of Things connection and big data analysis. With the help of a new generation of information technology, companies can easily respond to market demands and can create more economic benefits.

.Net Development Engineer

> Job Description

  1. Responsible for the design and development of system platform and business system code, based on .Net Framework and .Net Core;
  2. Responsible for cooperating with project team members for joint development and debugging between modules;
  3. Responsible for the back-end business logic and the development of the service interface for the client (Web, App);
  4. Responsible for optimizing the operating performance of the server program to ensure the throughput of the system;
  5. Responsible for the writing and maintenance of related technical documents and interface documents;

Web Development Engineer

> Job Description

  1. Complete the front-end R&D work according to the business requirements document; cooperate with the back-end R&D personnel to discuss the interaction method and page integration work; complete the maintenance of the existing system and complete the related iterative optimization work;
  2. According to the business requirements of the system platform, complete the front-end architecture, and compile relevant front-end specifications and other technical documents, webpage standardization and optimization research;
  3. Responsible for the company's front-end test plan and optimization, write design documents and test analysis reports and other documents, precipitate and accumulate front-end test frameworks and release specifications and mechanisms;
  4. Familiar with JavaScript, CSS/CSS3.HTML4/HTML5 programming development, familiar with its standard specifications and the differences between browsers;
  5. Familiar with jQuery, Vue, ng and other frameworks, have a certain understanding of front-end componentization;
  6. Proficient in front-end modular development, object-oriented programming development.

Our Transformation

  • 2017 年 8 月

    We were established and came to this beautiful place in Shanghai.

  • 2018 年 8 月

    On the first anniversary, our product concept is perfect and budding.

  • 2019 年 8 月

    On the second anniversary, the development of the first version was completed.

  • 2020 年 8 月

    The third anniversary of the sudden epidemic has not changed the iterative upgrade of our second-generation products.